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Updated: Aug 17, 2022

“Chicago Singer’s Second CD Stands Up Strong! Chatting with Tracye Eileen. Destined to soar to women’s anthem status, vocalist Tracye Eileen’s upcoming release “Why Did I Say Yes” is sung with smarts and sass. Intelligent women, she croons, can still make mistakes, and she proves you can be strong, own it, then move on. Crossing her gospel gutsiness with smooth, jazzy sensibility, Tracye musters every emotion and paints like a master. “Before You” showcases a lovely voice with lyrical twists and spot-on use of vibrato; “Lazy Afternoon” lags like its title suggests, with stunning accompaniment by the piano’s light touch and bass’s unhurried punctuation; and the subtle, swingy waltz “Every Little Bit Hurts” shines a floodlight on Tracye’s educated chops. Her melodies feel intuitive, her pacing is precise and the lyrics leave you nodding in deep approval. This new CD should knock a lot of socks off. Go wiggle your toes and catch the groove.” (To read more click on photo.)

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