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“(September 17, 2018) Chicago, Illinois is one of the U.S.’s great musical cities, featuring many major festivals, and is the birthplace for artists such as Buddy Guy, whose Buddy Guy Legends’ club houses top blues performers and still stands strong since opening in 1989. Among the talented artists who have graced the Legends stage is singer/songwriter Tracye Eileen. Though certainly nowhere near familiar as Guy, Junior Wells or others who have frequented Legends, Eileen certainly belongs on that stage, armed with her unique jazz infused R&B vibe. She’s been performing jazz and singing with a woman’s gospel choir for several decades. And with all that vocal talent, Eileen, who has opened for Guy and Babyface, recently started writing more of her own material to achieve her artistry direction. Eileen’s latest single and First Listen feature, “Why Did I Say Yes,” illustrates an inspirational story of hope and healing from a soured love relationship.” (To read more click on logo.)

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